After the wedding, Jen and I went to town for some shopping. Hihihi. We wanted to check out the Ukays. Unfortunately, it was brownout for the whole of Baguio so we only got to visit those that have generators huhu. And there were only 3 freakin’ shops we were able to check. Amp! Frustrated, we decided to just have dinner then proceed to SM where we’re sure there’s generator. It was a good thing that SM was on sale so they were closing late last night. SM…where an interesting thing happened as well but it’s in the post next to this hehehe.

At around 10 PM, we met with Jen’s sisters and proceeded to Music Magic for some nightlife. MM is a bar where bands usually play country music. Yes, it’s most of Baguio folks’ favorite kind of music. We were surprised to see some Koreans though. At talaga naman. They were the center of attention simply because, well they made themselves the center of attention hehehe.

Jen and I were so busy checking out the cute singers that’s why we were surprised when a guy came to our table and asked Jen for a dance wahahaha! I didn’t even notice him checking out our table wehehe. Prior to that, I was also kidding Jen about that same guy because he looks like her ex hihihi. That’s why when he came to our table and asked Jen to dance, I could barely contain my laughter wahahaha! Since Jen was a little tipsy already (courtesy of Red Horse weh!), she declined and was actually pushing me to just go with the guy. Sorry, I just wanted to listen to music and not dance so I stood my ground hehehe. But unfortunately, the guy was persistent even though we already promised him that Jen will dance with him later. He told us that if it’s still later, the music (which happens to be his favorite daw hahaha) would be ending soon. And all he wanted was to dance with my friend but because we kept on refusing, he felt that he was being put to shame. Alarmed, we tried to convince Jen to just go with him and for her sister to accompany her. Well, the music ended and good thing the singer started singing an upbeat song when they went to the dance floor hehehe.

We left the place a little before 1 AM. Surprisingly, there were still a lot of people along Session Road. Well, as they say, Baguio is already become little Manila. I think I don’t like it. Sniff.

Since this weekend was for friends, I slept over at Jen’s place hehehe. I just got home at around 7 PM tonight wahaha.

Hope you all had a great weekend!