I know it’s been 2 weeks since my birthday but it’s never too late to blog about it hehehe.

I celebrated it a day earlier with family on March 22, by being tourists in our hometown wahahaha! Some of you may find it weird but yes, admittedly, though we were born and raised here, we never really bothered visiting those places where tourists often go to when they are in town hehehe. So to get ourselves acquainted more with our place (and for me to take pictures using Gelo’s camera), I decided that it’s about time we also visit those places.

The cast: My mother, sisters with their children, and my brother.

We first attended mass then headed to the shoe store to look for graduation shoes for my niece. She graduated in Elementary as Valedectorian and I sponsored her outfit. With that accomplished, we went to Good Taste for lunch. Though it was strictly for family, I can’t help but invite my favorite aunt to join us for lunch hehehe. Good thing she was also in town that time. After lunch, off we went gallivanting.

Here are our pit stops:

Baguio Botanical Garden

Wright Park

Mansion House

Mines View Park

We dropped by SM Baguio to look for a dress for my niece. It was already getting late and the other shops have already closed by then but I wanted to accomplish that as well so SM was the only option left.

I didn’t feel like going home early though so my family went home ahead of me while I and my eldest niece stayed behind. It was a good thing because we were able to have a heart to heart talk during dinner. It was an emotional moment the entire time we were talking but I felt relieved and happy as well by the time we parted ways. I just pray that I was able to help and inspire her. I made a commitment which I know my mom would object to but it is a commitment I promised to keep for as long as my niece is ready to take the terms. I’m very optimistic about this. And I hope I will have enough resources for me to be able to do my commitment as well. Whew!