I truly terribly miss home.

I miss Mama and Daddy.

I miss my siblings.

I miss my nieces and nephews.

I miss the comforts of our shabby, humble abode.

I miss the hard work in the garden. It’s physically tiring but at least, it’s not mentally challenging and emotionally draining.

I miss the cool breeze of the mountain air.

I miss the smell of the pine trees.

I miss the chirping birds. It’s already summer. Maybe they are already all over the trees back home.

I miss sayote. It doesn’t matter if I have to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I miss the long and winding road from our home to the jeepney waiting area. Way back in College, it was while walking here that I contemplate on things and life in general.

I miss being in the river and just sitting on the rock, listening to the water flow or catching the tadpoles. Are there still tadpoles now?

I miss the wild sunflowers! I wonder if they are already in bloom.

I miss the simple, uncomplicated way of life.

Right at this moment, I wish I’m home with Mama and Daddy. Sniff.

It sucks because I’m going home this weekend but the nearer it gets, my missing home becomes more terrible. Hay.