Few hours after writing my previous post, I woke up and dragged myself out of the comforts of my bed to get ready for work. It dawned on me that I had just completed my 6th year but my mind was already busy remembering all the things that I need to do that day. I reached the office at around 12:30 PM.

First off in my calendar was a post mortem meeting for TAMS Upgrade Phase 1. This was supposed to be on Feb. 9 but our client couldn’t make it so we had to move it. I was somewhat excited for this meeting. I was waiting for any negative feedback from them and in my mind I was also already preparing for my counter attacks but they did not give us any so they didn’t get one from us either or they did but in a subtle way hahaha. I think there were some areas that are about to result in heated discussions but the “moving forward” thing worked hehehe. After the call, Gelo and I were discussing about our client’s inputs. We were wondering and laughing because all their previous issues about the team did not come out wahahaha. Hmp! Anyway, at least now, we found a way of handling them in these types of meetings.

After that meeting, I met with the ADP team to discuss the FTP set up. Next was the ISMT meeting which lasted until almost 10 PM.

In between those meetings, I also replied to some issues, followed up on deliverables and delegated tasks.

When finally we called it a day, I suddenly remembered that that day was already the start of my 7th year. Gelo said he wanted to eat at North Park. I got excited and I said yes right away when he asked if we wanted to eat there. That would be a nice way to celebrate my 6th year. We called the store first to check if they were still open. Fortunately, the one near our office is still open until 2 AM. Yiffee! I was already looking forward to Yang Chow Fried Rice and Salted Garlic squid hahaha. Syaks. We waited for Eden to confirm if she can join us but her hubby has already eaten so she can’t.

Gelo and I left the office at around 10:30 PM and went straight to North Park. On the way, we were already thinking of what to order but when we were at the resto, it still took us at least 10 minutes to decide hahaha. We wanted to order all our favorites but we can’t coz we were the only ones to consume it hahaha. After so much deliberation, we ended up ordering four dishes and of course the Yang Chow Fried Rice wahahaha. Grabe, gluttony to the highest level ito! Tinatawanan na lang naming mga sarili namin. Iniisip din namin kung anong naiisip ng mga waiter sa dami ng orders namin wahahaha. Inunahan na namin silang gawan ng dialogue. At dinaan na lang din namin sa English pag kausap namin sila wahahaha. Pero syempre di naman namin naubos lahat. We only ended up eating half of each dish. Even for the rice, there was still a lot of leftover. We stayed for a few more minutes for our stomach to adjust hahaha. Ampness. Katakawan kasi eh wahahaha.

We left the resto at a little past 12MN. I dropped off Gelo in Broadway as he still needed to go back to the office. Afterwhich, I went straight home and went online while allowing my digestive system to do its work hihihi.

So there goes the end of my 6th year. Now it’s the countdown for the end of my 7th year.