I was dreading to go to work today because I don’t want to be once again subjected by the things that I’m trying to fight off. I was preoccupied by it last weekend and I had to go through the process of re-channeling myself as entertaining that will lead to more complications, which I don’t want to deal with :p because I am a pessimist when it comes to that. I was praying that hopefully today, I will be spared but it was otherwise. It was not that bad though. I’ve actually enjoyed it and I was a little surprised at how things took place hehehe. All the worrying last weekend was useless .

Ampness hihihi. May ganon? Wahaha.

I therefore conclude that from now on, I’ll simply live life and enjoy the journey. I know, I know. This should always be the case and I should know this a long long time ago and I do. I’m just reaffirming.