I’m a little pissed off with a colleague right now. But my team is more pissed off I suppose. We’ve been trying to call him since 12:00 AM but he was not answering our calls. After 2 hours of trying to no avail, I called his boss :p. Matagal pa yang lagay na yan bago ako mag-escalate ha. I just asked him to help us contact the guy. After a few minutes, the boss sent an SMS that he too could not contact him and just asked for the details of our request. No, I did not tell the boss that his subordinate missed a step in the redeployment that’s why we were having problems with the generation. I was not yet pissed off at that time.

While waiting for the boss to send us an update, we continued to contact the guy. After 10 years, he finally answered but unfortunately, he was not his calm self (according to the team, he has been like that all throughout our deployment). At first I let the team deal with him but he was really irritated based on his tone. Just a few minutes into the call, I heard raised voices so I just took over. Of course he did not calm down so I just used my most serious, medyo mataray voice to deal with him. I was trying very hard to just focus on what needs to be done and not point out mistakes but he asked what happened so I told him frankly what he missed when we asked him to redeploy earlier and that we were able to correct it through another person’s help. We only got stuck because the other guy doesn’t know the password for the login credential that was used. It’s not my nature to point out things but he asked for it so that’s what he gets . I’m not sure too if he was reprimanded by his boss hihi.

I do understand that we have been doing the deployment since Friday afternoon but then again, there’s work to be done, and the generation is scheduled on a Saturday and therefore he is expected to be there since he’s part of it.

Lesson learned: escalate right away.

Get even? Nah! He will have more of this come Q2 bwahahaha.