Hi All,

This is to confirm that we have finally finished the PT2 Testing. We are now signing-off. Deployment will be this afternoon.



This was the very first email I read when I got to work today and it made me teary-eyed. The loooooonnnnggg wait for the deployment is over. Whew! We have been working on this project since July last year and it was a very challenging journey. I’m glad that we’re near its completion. There’s still the post implementation test and the stabilization phase but that should be a breeze already.

To She, Ardee and Anthony:

Thank you so very much for all the hard work, dedication and endless patience you all showed while working on this project. I’m glad that you’ve all been there all throughout this journey. I know it was a tough one but I really really really appreciate everything – from the holiday works to the no break workdays to the countless almost sleepless nights.

We’ve done it now, we’ll do it again for ADP Integration! 1 down, 2 to go!