Here are some items discussed during our PMP (Performance Management Program) workshop last December 2008.

Coaching versus Mentoring:

Mentoring – provide help/guidance/advice which is usually based on the mentor’s experiences

  • It’s more of getting the person being coached to think
  • Guiding the person towards self-realization
*** Coaching is more effective than mentoring. ***

To be a good coach:
  1. Be an active listener
  2. Use powerful/laser-like questions. By doing so, the coach can help the coachee realize things that will help him/her address issues.
  3. Using proper language. This includes words, body language and tone.
  4. Using coachee’s language. A good coach should be able to turn the coachee’s language into a question that will be thrown back to the coachee.

During a coaching session:

  • The coachee should talk more.
  • Avoid finishing of sentences.
  • Avoid giving advice because it may become subjective.