My 2008 has been eventful mostly on the positive side. Some highlights:
  • Outdoor Club (focus this year is on mountaineering)
    – After 3 years of being absent in the world of mountaineering, I was again able to conquer several mountains, including Mt. Pulag. Unfortunately, I was not able to join in the Mt. Apo climb because I got sick. 🙁
    – Was able to meet new friends
    – Was able to meet and be trained by some people from the Everest team.
  • Another movement in my career which made me even busier by Q4. This had some lowlights but it’s not worth dwelling on it.
  • Had to move out of Bangkal apartment. Transferred to QC. Soloist this time. No more housemates. I’m loving it.
  • Started with a project. Excited for its completion. Target is this year. Good luck to me hahaha.
  • Had a crush on someone then another one wahahaha.
  • Spent several days in the hospital. Iww. As far as I can remember, this is my first time to be confined. All other rare hospital visits were up to ER only. Not sure though when I was a baby.

Thank you, Father, for a very fruitful 2008. I am forever grateful.