9 in ’09:

  1. Bring back the Wonderwoman in me. I have to admit I slacked off at times in 2008. The consequences? A not so perfect project. I know I can handle multiple things that come up all at the same time. Been there, done that and with still excellent results. I can switch from one concern to another and even entertain other items in between without loosing focus. So ADP, Portfolio, and other work concerns, watch out. :p
  2. Manage my life. As per John Maxwell, there’s no such thing as time management. There’s only management of one’s life. I mainly want to have a balanced life in terms of work, family and outdoor and friends for 2009. Time may not be equally distributed among these but at least all three should be covered.
  3. Spend more on project.
  4. Improve management skills – attend seminars, read books, apply learning. Practice is the key.
  5. Whenever I can, I’ll coach rather than mentor. Coaching is more effective.
  6. Delegate appropriately. It’s one way of empowering people.
  7. Travel, travel, travel.
  8. Be less grumpy wahahaha
  9. Bring back my 4th year College waistline :p. Umm, but wait, we’ll see about that hahaha. It’s just that one of my close friends is getting married hopefully this year and according to her, I’ll be one of the secondary sponsors and I think this is a good excuse to go on a diet wahahaha.


I am optimistic for 2009. I shall kick ass this year. Watch me. Hear me roar. I’ll make it a point to enjoy every step of the journey and focus only on positive things. To my detractors (if there will be any), sorry to disappoint you but I won’t be bothered hehe.