I have been busy for the past weeks that I didn’t have the chance to reserve a ticket for my trip home, I was a bit worried because it’s all in the news that too many people are traveling and there’s scarcity of buses. My colleagues were also worried and they were constantly asking me if I already have a ticket. I jokingly told them that there’s nothing to worry because when it’s my time to go home, there will be an available bus and there will be fewer travelers.

We ended work at 3:30 AM today and went out to eat and relax for a while so I was only home at 6 AM. I slept for a couple of hours then had to get up again to get ready for my trip home. I also had to drop by SM first to spend the voucher since it will expire today. Sayang naman hehe.

Few minutes before 12 noon, I was already at Cubao terminal. To my pleasant surprise, there were only few passengers waiting and there were less than ten people lined up in the ticket booth! After a while, they already allowed chance passengers for the 12 PM trip. Great! It’s not traffic as well. Right now (1:30 PM), we’re already in Pampanga.

I also learned that my aunt (and her family) who has a jeep is spending the new year with us so I’ve requested that they fetch me in case I would have a hard time getting a cab when I reach Baguio. She said yes hihihi. Thanks Auntie.

Thank you, Father God for making this easy for me. Thanks teammates for the concern. Home sweet home here I come! 🙂