To have a short break at work, I called my sister at home. According to her, my niece was already asking her when am I going home. We had a little chat and then I asked her to give the phone to my niece. To my surprise, my niece took the phone and actually talked to me! She’s not shy anymore unlike before where she just listens to your voice but never talks. I think her schooling helped her to be more sociable. I asked her about school. They had exchange gift daw in school and she received a watch for a gift. I also asked what she would like for Christmas. She wants some school shoes. Good girl. Hehe. But then again, even before, we were trained to just have the basic things, well simply because we didn’t have the financial means to aid all our wants (until now :p). Also, I don’t usually buy my nieces and nephews wants. I always make sure that what they ask are things that they really need. Anyway, so yes my darling pamangkin, shoes it is. Can’t wait to go shopping with you. :p

I also asked her to sing me a song and tadda…she sang the ABC hahaha. She missed 3 letters so my sister and I corrected her right away. She also counted from 1 to 10. She said she still doesn’t know what comes next after 10 (I scolded my sister. She should be teaching my niece para bibo! :p). She’s 5 by the way. I don’t even remember the things that I already know when I was 5. But with my niece, I think she’s aligned naman with her age. Gusto ko lang maging bibo sya hehehe.