Due to demands at work, I was not able to go home for Christmas. We had to come to work on the days that I’m supposed to be taking my break. It was etched in my mind that I’ll be home for Christmas so that on the 24th, I was a drama queen the whole day while at work hehehe. Added to that the pressures from work har har har.

Good thing I have friends who were willing to adopt me to celebrate Christmas with their families hehehe. It warms my heart and I still feel blessed despite my screwed up schedule.

So yes, I spent a few hours with my boss’s family and then with A’s. A’s family has planned to go to Star City after lunch on the 25th, but there were too many people when we arrived so we just opted to go to Seaside Dampa instead for dinner.
We so wanted to watch a movie so we passed by SM Megamall. Fortunately, they have normal mall hours so we were able to watch. After the movie and after dropping by A’s place to get my things, I headed home to watch another DVD and blog. Hehehe.