Three days to go ‘til Christmas!

I was in the office last Saturday. The last time I remembered going to work on a Saturday was 3 years ago. That long hehe.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take the straight leave this holiday. Fortunately though, I still have a 4-day break (from Dec. 25-28). I’ll be going home early 25th. I don’t want to spend Christmas on the way home so I’ve asked Anne to adopt me for the Noche Buena hehehe.

New term: asaness. Hahaha.

Most parties are completed (Year end, IS & IT, IS APAC). One more is scheduled on the 28th. I’m not sure if I’d be able to attend. I’m still at home at that time and I want to stay home longer.

I was lucky with cash prices this year as observed by our director. I earned a total of P3, 700 (1K cash, the rest GC). It’s from game winnings and raffles. I spent the cash on the same night I won it wahahaha. Well, I actually spent it for the team. :p

No specific wish lists this year.

Last year, I was so excited about 2008. I felt that so many things will happen this year. This time, I don’t feel that way for 2009. Maybe because I already know that for the most part of 2009, I’ll be very busy (busier than ever) with work.

Once during my “me” time, it crossed my mind that it’s nice to get married on 12-12-12. Hahaha.

There are so many things that need to be done at home but I’m just so lazy to do it wahahaha. That’s where the cookie crumbles.

My replacement for my old post has been hired and he’s already on board. I’m glad. I was able to offload some tasks already. But I still need to replace some more!

There are 3 people left that I have to shop for. For family, it will all be in Baguio.

I haven’t scheduled meet ups with Baguio friends yet. I’ll just wait ‘til I’m at home. I may be too lazy to go out anyway. I actually like to spend my break to really rest and relax. It means that I’m not bringing home my laptop and I won’t bother myself with work. :p

Merry Christmas everyone!