Lately, I’ve been wondering about what would become of me a few years from now. Hahaha. I have some goals, yes, but it doesn’t cover my entire life I think. I mean, I only have goals for other people but I still don’t have plans solely for myself. I’m entering the big 3-0 next year but I feel that my maturity doesn’t come with my age hahaha. I feel that I am so naïve on so many things. I’ve had movements in my career but to me, these are just new position titles with added responsibilities.

My manager is pressuring me about my lovelife but it has no effect on me hahaha. Don’t get me wrong. Who wouldn’t want to have that special someone to share your life with right? There maybe a few exceptions but generally, we all do (I think). But then again, I can’t just push myself to the one I like or to anyone just for the sake of having one. I’ve actually asked the Lord about it but He hasn’t given me an answer yet :p so when I get one, I’ll let everyone who’s interested know.

Ok, I better stop wondering and get some sleep before I miss my 8 AM meeting. Sheesh. Why does it have to be that early? That’s an ungodly hour for me! See? My body clock changed the past month. I’m awake at this hour and I’m supposed to still be sleeping at 8 AM. Huwell.

Oopps, one last. It just crossed my mind about going to SG for vacation next year hihihi. I have friends there who can take me under their care for the duration of my stay and act as my tour guide so I can save on board and meals maybe? Har har har. But wait. That wasn’t the plan. Ok. Park. Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize. Project first. But this is project. :p. Stop. We’ll see.Nyt!