Yes, it’s still quite early but we already had our Year End Rewards and Recognition and also Mano’s send off party (yes, he has already resigned) last night. The event started with a sumptuous dinner at Dad’s Glorietta, after which we transferred to Red Box Greenbelt for the awarding proper. This is the first year that we had budget for Rewards and Recognition. That’s the reason why we were able to afford to book in such places hehehe. This is the first time. Anyway, aside from giving the usual awards (Best SE, Best BSA, Rookie-which we didn’t have), we had a new award which is the Most Promising award and of course several whacky awards hehehe. We gave away certificates and some tokens for the awardees and a multi-purpose bag for everyone!

For Mano’s send off, we prepared a scrapbook and also a simple token of appreciation. Some of us gave speeches. I was one of them of course. Part of my speech was to say sorry to him for what I have done a long long time ago ahihi. It was a little bit awkward at first but I was more at peace after that. Our IT director also announced that he will be working for us as a consultant until our current project is completed. Whew! As a finale to our tribute to Mano, we also sang a song for him.

After the awarding and send off ceremonies, it was party time. Mano was very relaxed and just let loose. It was my first time to see him that way. Also, everybody were having fun and just having a good time. We had billiards and videoke along with beers and more food. Everyone was free to express themselves and just do what they wanna do that to them spells fun hihihi. Some of us even transformed the couch into a stage hehe. I myself had a share of my moments. First off, I drank more than what I usually allow myself. So I was a little drank hik! Also, I danced like there’s no tomorrow, I sang until my voice became hoarse (not with the mic though and that’s ok) all the while drinking beer wahahaha. Don’t worry, I was just trying to have a good time because I was really tired and sleepless for the past weeks. I want to let go of my problems at work even for just a short period. And for some other reason that I prefer not to elaborate it here har har har! Since there were so many cameras tonight, I’m sure everything was capture. I hope I look ok in the pictures and videos wahahaha.

And the finale was a round of drinks at Starbucks. Thanks, SB, nawala amats ko bwahahaha.
Anyway, looks like the team enjoyed. I really, truly hope they did. This time, the ISMT did most of the work, from planning up to hosting the event. We just delegated some other things. But mostly, it was only us, that’s why it added up to our already busy schedules. But then again, it was all worth it. Whew!