Imagine this. You are walking on a path that’s surrounded by hills and mountains with lots of trees. The sun is smiling upon you. It may become hot at times but the soft breeze of the wind blows to cool you down. Occasionally, you’ll see waterfalls in the mountains and you wish that you could go dip in the cool refreshing water. There’s a river down below which provides music as you continue to push yourself to the top. Atop, the scene is priceless and majestic. All you see are endless mountain ranges. The wind is continuously blowing, as if trying to take all your troubles so very, very far from you so that it won’t come back and haunt you. At sunrise, you see how the sun slowly breaks into the sky to once again give light to the sleeping world. With the chill the night before, it’s glorious to feel its warmth all over again. You see the different cloud formations BELOW. It’s almost like sitting on top of it. You’re on top of the world. You feel that you’re almost in heaven. It feels heavenly.

Is this for real? YES! That’s Mt. Pulag, the mountain I really, truly fell in love with. 🙂 Mt. Pulag is LOVE!

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