My winning seems to be bundled with problems and issues and whatever you call it. Since the day it was confirmed, I was immersed in the problems that never did I imagine existed. I was like “what are you talking about?” when they were trying to explain it all to me. Anyway, so we had to come up with a plan to address issues. And we did.

Unfortunately, today was a bigger challenge and a bigger headache as well. And this time, I’m directly affected I guess. I was spared the details. It was not something that I should still know though it concerns me. Maybe it was something that I shouldn’t even care about. I was curious at first but I decided not to press on the issue. It might be something that would discourage me, though I don’t feel discouraged at the moment. I just don’t understand why some people would resort to such things. Hayz! But whatda! I have a team to run and that’s where my focus should be.