My teammate and I were having our kwentuhan session last Friday when he suddenly mentioned something about me and someone being soulmates! LOL. As in LOL. A few minutes later, he did something to the jacket I was wearing. Di ko na lang i-eelaborate dito haha. Pero ewan ko kung anong nakain nya at ginawa nya yun. I just laughed some more. When I did not stop, he suspected something so he transformed into Boy Abunda and asked a lot of questions (for a guy, ang dami nyang tinanong. Chismoso hihi). Ayun, napakwento tuloy ako sa kanya about that same someone (itago na lang natin sa pangalang sk). Ano nga bang meron kay sk? Crush ko sya. Period.

That was the first time I opened up to a guy about matters of the heart. Though I have guy friends in my ICOF, I was not able to do that. Siguro dahil mas makulit at mas persistent lang talaga si “Boy” (yep, for now, si Boy muna si teammate ko hehe) sa mga tanong nya haha. Anyway, though it was totally new to me, it was fun sharing it with him and answering all those questions hihi.

One good thing that came out of this was that, I was able to explain clearly why I don’t like being paired with one of our teammates. Ayaw ko talaga. But the only reason I tell them is that naiilang ako. Pero it’s more than that. At least I was able to tell him the real reason. Sabi nya gets na nya so hopefully, he’ll stop teasing me hehe (at yung pasimuno sana tumigil na rin :p. babatukan kita pag di ka pa tumigil hehe).