It really was! Hihihi! But to my colleagues, it was the best honest mistake ever wahahaha. Anyway, here’s the story. Tonight was the team’s Mid-Year Rewards and Recognition party so we booked a room at Elbow Room. Our IT director joined us for him to get to know the team better. It was supposed to be a night of partying and having lots of fun but unfortunately for some of us, we need to be on night shift for the yearly mid-year conversion. By 10:30 PM, we had to get back to the office so I went around to say goodbye to the team. Then I approached our IT director and told him we were going ahead. He acknowledged it then bent down his head. I really thought he was offering it for cheek to cheek so I offered my cheek as well then turned to leave. In the middle of the room, I realized that maybe the reason why he bent his head was that he hadn’t heard me wahahaha (he’s tall, that’s why). I was so embarrassed that I suddenly ran out of the room. Some of my teammates witnessed it huhu. Some had fun laughing at me, others were really shocked they just stood still staring and maybe digesting what had happened wahaha. Ok, enough of that. I’ll just cross my fingers that what happened will not affect anything work-wise.

I was really having fun tonight. There were other moments as well :). I hated to leave just yet but duty calls. And this honest mistake pushed me further to leave as fast as I can wahahaha.