A friend (who is also an ex-officemate) and his GF are here in Baguio for this weekend, and it so happened that I’m here for family affairs. The moment I learned that, I suggested that we meet up for dinner tonight. We haven’t seen each other for a long time and of all places to see each other again, dito pa sa Baguio haha. Actually, siya ang nagpromise months ago na gimik kami after ng US trip nya pero nakabalik na’t lahat, di pa rin uli kami nagkikita. Nabalitaan namin na may nililigawan sya until maging sila. Kinulit namin na ipakilala naman sa amin pero wala pa rin hehe. But tonight, I’m glad to have met her at last. Bait na bata.

I remember chatting with him months ago and I was kidding him about destiny and his answer was “if that’s what you call it, then maybe it is”. After hearing about their love story, I can’t help but believe that it really was destiny for them. But I’d like to personally call it serendipity-fortunate accident. He first saw her in high school and it was instant crush for him. She knew him as her co-student council’s brother and calls him kuya. They parted ways as he already graduated form high school. They chat but only once in a blue moon. When Friendster came, she was the one he first looked for. One time he passed by her tito’s office on his way to school and she was there, she recognized him. He was looking for better opportunities and had an offer from two different companies. He accepts one of those offers. Months later, she was starting her life in the real world. She had several job offers, one of which from where he was already working. As fate had it, and without them knowing it, she accepted the one from the company where he was. On her first day at work, he recognized her and talked to her right away. She called him kuya. Hihihi. And so their love story unfolds (or should I say continues since it might have started long ago without them knowing it?).

They are sweet to each other pero hindi ka maiilang because what you see is their genuine love. You can’t help but smile and feel happy for them. He says God must have prepared them for this. She agrees. They do a high five. What a lovely couple. May God bless their relationship and of course may they stay together forever.