Today is dolphin and whale watching day. Our guide (Rye) fetched us at exactly 5:45 AM so we had to wake up really early.

Pit stops:

Dolphin watching
We were lucky to see a lot during our tour. According to our guide, the dolphins no longer play when the sun’s up. Amazing, amazing view. We were not able to take lots of pictures since it was hard to capture. We just had it in video.
After the dolphin watching, we went to Balicasag Island for snorkling and brunch. The snorkling area is shallow. Kakatuwa pero nakakatakot pa rin hehe. (well at least for someone na takot sa dagat tulad ko :p) The guides also showed us the cave in the middle of the sea. After snorkling for more than an hour, we went back to shore to have our brunch.

Virgin Island

A visit in this area is not included in the tour but we requested it. It’s a must see! The small island is beautiful. Yung white area sa picture na karugtong ng island, sand yun na umaabot sa gitna ng dagat. Pwede mong lakarin hanggang sa dulo nya. It’s not dangerous because it’s not too deep. Amazing talaga to. But you need to go here during high tide only. Sasayad daw kasi ang bangka pag low tide.

We were back at the resort at around 1 PM and after a short rest, we again hit the beach for more swimming. We met Emma and Ethan. This time, we were able to talk to them and take picture with them. We learned that they are from Florida. Syempre tinanong naming kung saan sa Florida. Eto sabay-sabay naming tanong: “Where in Florida? Tampa?” Hahaha. Palibhasa, Tampa lang ang alam naming place sa Florida. They are such friendly kids.
We saw Rye who informed us that there’s a mass at Panglao church at 5 PM so we decided to attend. We left the beach at 3:30 PM to get ready for mass. It was Palm Sunday but they did not have any palaspas.
After the mass, we had dinner at The Powder Keg. It’s just walking distance to Alona Beach.
I requested for a massage but no one came which was also a blessing in disguise since I was already too lazy to do other things except be a bum for the rest of the night. While waiting for sleep to hit us, we used the time to talk about our personal life. Actually, si Ardee ang nagshare ng kanyang talambuhay haha. I’m not complaining. 🙂 It was actually nice to know you better buddy. And sorry Emie pag minsan nag-i-Ilocano na kami at di ka na makarelate hehe.