Today is our Panglao Tour. We were supposed to wake up early so that we can catch the sunrise but we did not hehe. Anyway, we were fetched by Kuya Jerry at exactly 10 AM. He’s our guide/cameraman for the day.
Pit Stops:
Panglao Church

Shell Museum

Daks and Gams Wildlife Park
There are several animals to see here. I was saddened by the place though because it was not well-maintained. But then, it’s still worth the visit.

Hinagdanan Cave
There are bulbs inside to light the place. There’s a pool where people are allowed to swim. The lifeguard was kind enough to take our pictures (lots!). The painting above was painted by a foreign actor who filmed a movie in the area. The birds’ nest are also the ingredient of the famous bird’s nest soup.

Dauis Church
According to the guide, the well served as the source of potable water for those stranded inside the church during the war. And by the way, this is not a wishing well.

Bohol Bee Farm
The ingredients in their menu come from their farm directly so you can be assured of a fresh meal. For lunch, I ordered the honey glazed chicken and the home made ice cream for dessert. It was heaven. Yes, the flowers you see in the picture are edible, and part of the salad. 🙂 While waiting for our food, they also served us a sample of their camote bread with honey, pesto and mango dips. All their dips are delicious. Worth the money when you buy.

We were back at the hotel at around 4 PM. We planned to swim at the beach this time after a short rest but unfortunately, Ardee locked us out and we had a hard time waking him up. We just walked along the beach. We met two adorable siblings named Emma and Ethan.
At 7 PM, we went to the pool for a swim. Again, we were the only people. Nice timing hehe. For dinner this time, we went to Trudis Place.