Since my brothers and sisters who are busy at the garden don’t have time to clean the flowers, I took the chance to do it when I was home last weekend. The weeds are already taller than the anthuriums huhu.

Anthuriums are expensive but we were able to buy some propagates (planting materials) when I received my tuition refund (due to a scholarship) in Second Year high school. I think we only bought 25 pieces of propagate at that time. There were also some given by neighbors and friends.

Habang ako nagpapakahirap maglinis, yung mga manok namimiyesta sa mga bvulate at insekto.

Weeds and flowers together.

Propagates that need replanting.

So where’s the weeded planting area? Unfortunately, I was not able to complete it to think that I’ve been working on it since Saturday and Sunday hehe. Akalain mong mahirap pala. So ayun, itutuloy ng kapatid ko. (Sana! At dapat lang kasi kung hindi…lagot sya sa akin hehe) I’m also thinking of converting this into real business. Well, let’s see.

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