I would say it had been a blessed year. It was a mixture of fun, a new and challenging role and once again, trying out a business, and a closure to a chapter of my life.

First off, I was greeted by the New Year with a new role. It was frightening at first but I had to just make the best out of it and enjoy the journey. And I did hehe, with a bonus of new learnings pa.

In November, my brother and I started a piggery business. We are only starting out but we are optimistic about it. I didn’t know that feeds were THAT expensive haha.

Also in November, I can honestly say I finally closed something. I had been working on it since November 2006. Yes, that long. It was a hard and sometimes painful process but just one morning in November, it was over. Whew! It was a very liberating experience. Freedom! Hehe. Now, I can look forward to other things.

In between work, we also had out of town trips to our friends’ places. Some friends decided to leave the company and the country, but I’ve met new friends along the way.

And now, I am welcoming 2008 with wide open arms. 😀 I promise that it would be more fruitful and I’ll enjoy and explore more. I’m pretty much excited because of the anticipated events, which includes some travels, moving to a new house nearer to my workplace (sana!), and starting on a major goal.

Some resolutions for this year:

  • Hear mass regularly
  • Keep my office inbox clean and free of SPAM! Ngrsh ngrsh ngrhs!
  • Save, save and save more
  • Travel a little
  • Finish at least 2 cross stitch projects
  • Read more books (in any genre)
  • Spend more time with family (so more uwi this year hehe)
  • Study and practice the art of people management

Cheers for 2008!