It’s been a year now since I assumed the SSE role. Thank God I reached this far. J For the first 5 months, it was only just a title simply because during those months, I was doing BSA tasks instead of assuming the role and getting to know my added responsibilities full time. It was only 4 months ago when I started to feel that I’m really that…an SSE. When I was done with my BSA task, I was a bit lost on how to go about my role. It was somewhat hard on my part because too many people have joined the team but I was not there when each one of them came on board. I only got to know them at times when our meetings were held at KPT (meetings were usually held at OSMA) or when they add me as contact in MSN. I really felt I was the newcomer because I saw they have already bonded and all. But then, eventually, I was able to fit in.Getting a promotion means salary increase (if your salary is still not in the bracket of your JG), but it also means added responsibilities. In my experience, to be an SSE means:

  • Attending several officer’s meetings usually on a weekly basis and usually lasts for more than an hour per meeting
  • Doing WBS (technical analysis, estimates and timelines)
  • Lead in projects and/or CRFs
  • Having to do on the spot decisions regarding projects
  • Joining in con calls with clients
  • Haggle with BSAs about deadlines, technical designs, delieverables and resource allocation
  • All issues in all projects are your problems, unlike when you are simply a developer, your only concern is the task assigned to you
  • Coaching your teammates (like really having to sit down with them to solve some unimaginable bugs in the system)
  • Doing admin stuff
  • Taking care of deliverables when the TM is not around
  • Etc., etc., etc. (the list goes on)

It was a very challenging journey. It has its ups and downs. Sometimes it gets stressful and so I don’t get to enjoy it. But other than that, it was also a worthwhile experience and an opportunity for growth.

There may be days that I slacked off but I know I did my best most of the time. At times, I may not have pleased my direct reports but still, I know I did my best and in most of my decisions, they were my priority more than the client. I may not be that great a leader but I am working on it.

Now, I’m looking forward to another fruitful year filled with lessons and opportunities that will make it more enjoyable.