Finally, all of the office parties are completed. 🙂 Much as I have enjoyed it, I’m glad that those are over haha. I’m fine with parties but not so much with the tasks that come with it like dressing up and buying gifts. Shopping is not so fun if you are looking for something that’s out of this world just to conform to the costume requirements hehe. As for gift ideas, it’s hard to select something that’s not gender specific and that anyone can use. Besides, every year, the gift ideas that the malls display are just the same hehe. Only a few items are added every year.
So in order, below are the parties we had for 3 consecutive days.
December 14, 2007: Team Party
It was team dinner and exchange of major gifts. We had a monito-monita wherein we had to give a small gift 3 times to our drawn name. For the final gift though, the receiver will give a gift to the giver so we had to guess who our givers were. We also gave out certificates for the following awards:
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Best Engineer of the Year
  • Mentor of the Year
  • Spirit of Service

This time, I and a teammate did most of the work. But it was fun nonetheless because it’s shopping hihi. Plus seeing the team having a great time was worth it. Tiring nga lang haha.

December 15: Year End Party

It was held at SM MOA SMX. The place was ok but I guess it was not enough for our company’s population. Our team was responsible for the registration and ticket validation, but the task was delegated to some of my teammates so I’m free hihi (It was my turn last year). The raffle prizes were good but unfortunately, no one from our team won huhu. Nagpakahirap pa naman kami sa Raffle System. Olats. Anyway, it was not so tiring this time. After the party, we went straight to Blue Wave for coffee.

December 16: IS & IT Christmas Party

I won in the raffle! Haha. Yep, I won a Canon digital camera. But I decided to sell it and just buy a portable DVD hihihi.

We had it at DADS so buffet style. Kaso medyo late na kaming dumating so di naming natikman lahat lalo na yung dessert! Huhu. Wala nang leche flan at cheesecake.

It was nice to meet the people from IT and put faces to some of the names we usually exchange emails with.

So that’s it. Three days straight of food, fun and partying! Life is great. 🙂