During my MRT ride this afternoon, the girl (around 10-12 years old) in front of me was crying non-stop. I was a little pissed with the mom because she can’t let her girl stop. I thought the girl was just having tantrums. But one mommy started asking the mom. I can’t hear at first but later on, I learned that the girl is suffering from an infection in the head. The girl is wearing a hooded jacket so it can’t be seen but I think the affected area is quite big. The mom is bringing her child to QCGH because she learned that they can accept patients even without downpayments.
What’s so touching was that the first mommy who learned of the situation immediately handed a small amount to the girl’s mom, and some others followed. One father also laid his hand on the girl’s head and maybe offered a prayer.
It’s so amazing to see how God works with your own two eyes. It’s so inspiring to be like Him. I am grateful to have witnessed this miracle. My only prayer is for the girl to have the best medical treatment she deserves.
Here are some of my realizations.
  • I am still very lucky than other people. My problems and sufferings are just very micro as compared to theirs.
  • If we really want to help, there are many ways. It is very possible. It’s not even a complicated process. There are opportunities everywhere.
  • I won’t excel in the medical field because I will be very attached with my patients. Dang, seeing the girl suffering and witnessing the mom’s plight to bring her girl to any hospital that can admit them (no matter how far it is from their place) brought so much pain in my heart and I had to control my emotions so that my tears won’t spill while I was on the train. Wahuhu.

The next time you see people who are in need, hope you find it in your heart to be God’s ambassador to them, without any conditions. That’s simply the best way.