September 2005 marked the start of my review for the MCSD path (which requires a total of 5 exams). I took my 1st exam on October 13, 2005 and became an MCP. I was so elated because as per my research that time, there were less than a million MCPs so I was one in a million. 😀 Isn’t that cool? 🙂 But then I slacked off haha so I did not take the next exam until March 30, 2006 and the next on April 5, 2006 for MCAD. Whew. That was a long battle! I was so tired of all the studying so I decided to delay my 4th and 5th exams. Besides, there were no ongoing promos at the time so I waited for the next promo which came in June, thus forcing me to take my 4th exam on June 28, 2006. I was reviewing for this exam during the 2006 Sykes picnic haha. I did not want to prolong the agony any longer and so on July 24, 2006, I became an MCSD. Whew. Finally! My scores were: 70-315 (810/1000), 70-320 (968/1000), 70-316 (920/1000), 70-229 (816/1000), 70-300 (868/1000).

In November 2005, Micrsoft launched Visual Studio 2005 and a year later, there were already new certification paths. For MCSDs, we can just take an exam for upgrade. So now, it’s time to hit the ebooks and reviewers again huhu. Good luck to me! Sniff.