While I was going through my stuff in Baguio, I saw some of my compositions (usually essays) that were part of the requirements in some of the subjects in school. Reading through them was like travelling back through time. Once again, I was the high school/college student, with my principles and beliefs evident in those compositions.
All through elementary and high school, I attended schools, whose one of its mission is to mold students to become God-fearing, humane, nationalist, and environmentalist. To practice these things, we were encouraged to always write about relevant topics like current events, hsitory, current issues in the community and the like. It was different in college though because we had the freedom to write about anything under the sun, no matter how irrelevant or shallow our topic was. But having been used to the high school way, I still took writing in college very seriously. I’m glad I did because that gave me good grades and sometimes praises from instructors hihi.
I’ll then be sharing some of those compostitions in this blog. The first one (in random order) comes right after this post.
Warning: These are not a professional writer’s works so expect many flaws. 🙂