We are now in the era wherein worldwide communication is established. We are free to interact with other countries, exchange products with them and adopt their system of living. The main idea behind globalization as they say is actually for the economic growth and development of any country who is part of it.

But going deeper, this can also be a threat to our own identity since we are free to do and act the way we want to. Definitely, if this happens, we are already presenting a new image of the Filipino, the Filipino who is a breed of different identities due to open communications.

As youths and future leaders of our country, we are given the choice either to let this go on further until Filipinos at heart and mind become extinct or to salvage and bring back the old Filipino we, as well as other countries have come to know. We are challenged therefore to act now and do something about this issue. Of course, as always, the change should come first within us before we force others to change too. We can always become the eye-opener for other Filipinos who want to change their identity and totally forget the race where they really belong. The time challenges us to bring home the Filipino…

Written on: February 1, 1997
For: English 1B
Score: 10/10 🙂