I just received news from my friend that her dad already passed away. It was all so sudden huhu. I cannot imagine the pain that they’re going through right now. I mean that must really really be painful, especially that it was all so unexpected. Imagine having someone present all your life then all of a sudden, he’s gone forever. I don’t even know how to comfort her. All I can offer her are my prayers.
Every time I hear of these kinds of news, I cannot help but think about my parents as well. I know they are not getting any younger and I know in time, it will be their time too. I wouldn’t know how to react by then. All I know is that I need to be strong when the time comes.

On the lighter side, this also makes me appreciate my parents more. I’m very lucky because my dad, who’s already 69 and my mom at 59, is still with us. My friends’ parents are gone now to think that they are way younger than my parents.
This is life, and this is one of life’s ironies maybe. You nurture a close relationship with someone, and then all of a sudden, that person leaves you forever. You, on the other hand, need to move on.
But how is the best way to deal with death? I know people will have varieties of answers to this question and people who have gone through losing someone in the form of death have different ways of coping up. But to me (as of this writing), I guess it’s by simply going through all the pain, even though it hurts a lot. It helps in a way because I believe there will be an end to this. Next to it would be acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that that person is gone and anything unmended between you and that person should not be a source of guilt on your part. But if you really feel guilty, then you need to release it in some other ways. Then there’s healing, by standing strong and learning to smile again and keeping the memories of that person in your heart to serve as an inspiration for you to continue. Avoding the pain will just lead you to other negative feelings like anger, resentment, and sometimes guilt. So now instead of dealing with just pain, you are likely to deal with more emotions. But then again, this is so much easier said than done. Sniff.
To my friend, just be strong and know that I will be here.
To Mama and Daddy, I love you!