“People making list buying special gifts
Taking time to be kind to one and all…”
When I opened the radio this morning, the station was playing a Christmas song. Immediately, it dawned on me that there are only less than a hundred days before Christmas! This is a time of making wish lists because this is the season where people are so generous for gift-giving :). Since it’s free to wish for anything we want, I am also free to list down big wishes hihi. And so, here goes my list.
  • 4-bedroom house on top of a hill, with a front and backyard, with a bathtub, a walk-in closet and a reading corner in the master’s bedroom, a library where I can fill it up with books to my heart’s content, a prayer room for those quiet moments, and a big enough living room fit for big gatherings. Oh yeah, I want my own house! Haha.
  • A light blue or tangerine Isuzu Crosswind, or bluish silver Honda Civic 2007 or a pink Honda jazz hekhekhek.
  • A personal laptop with a developer specification. No idea on what brand yet.
  • Climb Mt. Pulag. Shame on me. That’s in my province but I haven’t even thought of visiting it when I was still in Baguio. When I came to Manila, I met people who really want and who really have plans of climbing the mountain.
  • Travel, travel, travel and more travel. I’m already old and have been working for a while but until now, I haven’t even ridden an airplane. That’s so pathetic. 🙁 But still, I wanna go around the world.
  • Learn a new language. Spanish it is! Hehe. Hola! For starters, I want those CDs they sell which you can listen to and learn!
  • Books, books and more books! I want my own library remember?
  • Finish my cross stitch projects and unread books.
  • Start a business at home to be managed not by me but the income must go to me hihihi.
  • Learn to ride the bike hehe. Yeah, when I was a kid, I did not have any bike. Budget was tight so our parents can’t afford to spend for wants.
  • Be the best in my field and in my role as SSE. Hay, this is quite hard. But no pain, no gain hehe.
  • Bond with old friends, meet new friends.
  • And…WORLD PEACE. No kidding.

Well, that’s about it. But that’s just the first part hehe. It’s a pretty long list whew! Some are hard to have because it involves lots n lots of moolah but what the heck, it’s just but a wish list wehehe. (A list that maybe the start of a reality :))