We had a concall with our colleagues in Costa Rica and El Salvador last night because we are presenting to them the Careers website we’ve created for the Philippine office. At 5 minutes to 11 PM, my teammate already dialed to join the conference. Apparently, one of the attendees in Costa Rica/El Salvador was having a hard time setting up his PC to connect to the network so our contact asked us to give them a few minutes to settle that. While they were doing their stuff, they did not press the phone’s mute button so we had the freedom to listen to their conversations in Spanish! I did not understand most of it except for the few English words they said hehe. It was very entertaining to hear them speak in their language without really caring who else were listening.

Because of this, I suddenly remembered that one of my goals was to study one foreign language, either French or Spanish. Weh! Whatever happened to that goal? Huhu. I should do some serious thinking about it again! I guess it would be cool to learn how to speak and write at least one other language! 😀