That’s one of Sykes’ activities for this year. The organizers asked the employees to come up with groups with 10 members. Because we are fun and challenge loving people, we joined hehe. (actually, there were two groups from our team) Though a group name was not required, we named our group “Team Pumpers” anyway wahaha. To prepare for the event, we bought shirts the shade of our group color – Royal blue. We were all excited because the prices are cool. First price alone was 20K – that was motivating enough. Or so I thought, because at yesterday’s games, we lost wahahaha. We were actually the first group to be eliminated huhu. The first game was sack race but it turned out that it was a non-elimaination game because there were some groups who were not able to attend. The “Pass the Orange” game was hard. That’s what cost our chances of winning.

But it’s ok. At least we were able to try two games hahaha. And of course we still had fun. Funny thing though was that, one of my teammates wasn’t even able to wear his shirt at all because when he arrived at the venue, we already lost wahahaha.

Anyway, since we have nothing more to do, we decided to play badminton. So after the hotdog party that was sponsored by our big boss, Team Pumpers headed to Valencia court and played to our hearts’ content from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM. It was a challenge to play with the guys but it was all worth it. It was still fun.

When everyone was already tired, we decided to call it a day. Some of us dropped by Gateway for dinner then headed home right after.

As soon as my head hit the pillows, I was off to dreamland right away.

And, this morning when I woke up, my whole body was aching. Ok, so that’s what I get for having fun hehe. Ironic isn’t it?

Note: Special mention and thanks to Julz for joining the team at such short notice hehe. Our other teammate was sick last Friday and so we need to find a replacement right away. I called Julz right away and she said yes after so many convincing hehehe.