Today, Baguio celebrates its 98th Charter Day. It’s on this day in 1909 when Baguio was officially declared as a city. It’s a special holiday so it means no school and work yippee! I remember that there were always programs to celebrate it. It starts with a parade of the different schools and barangays. The route would be from Session Road, off to Magsaysay then to Harisson Road and ends up at Melvin Jones where other activities like cultural presentations take place. I guess there was also Search for Miss Baguio at some point.

We would always watch the parades. I guess Baguio folks love to watch it because all the main roads are always packed with people during this day, so we really need to be up early to be able to stay in a nice spot where we can watch the parade easily. I don’t remember though, that I was part of the parading team during this celebration hehe.

Ever sisnce I worked in Manila, I wasn’t able to witness any more celebrations of Baguio Day. I guess this year, they did it a little differently, as described in this article.

Happy Charter Day my beloved Baguio. I am more than blessed to be in your embrace and enjoy all of nature’s beauty that you unselfishly offer. Though I’m now trying to live in other places, I’m sure I’ll always find myself going back because home means Baguio.