After going to the wake of Eden’s dad last August 21, Ronald, She, Emie, Karen and I decided to have dinner at Teriyaki Boy. They are a happy bunch hehe. Sa tuwa ko sa kanila, nalibre ko pa sila wahahaha. We feasted on tofu steak, chicken teriyaki, beef, seafood (I forgot what it’s called in the menu :p), yakimeshi rice and bottomless iced tea.

Because we were so full and can’t stand up right after the meal, we stayed for a while and exchanged stories. I’m glad that we have times like these. It allows us to make friends with new people.

Oh by the way, the other ladies are also fond of taking pictures haha. With matching poses pa yan ha.

Now, I’m looking forward to our girls’ night out yihee!

Trivia: Teriyaki Boy is a Japanese restaurant founded by Gerwin Espino, who was a former service crew. More info here.