Well, the phrase above is obviously “fear of floods” but I wanna call it floodophobia hehehe. I guess I have been experiencing this since Saturday morning, when I had first hand experience in walking in the floods for the first time! Ewwww! I was not expecting that. It was the first time where I lived. I was so shocked when the taxi driver asked me for another route because part of Evangelista was already flooded. Since every possible street seems flooded, I decided to get down and just take the jeep. It was a relief when I learned that the whole street was not flooded after all. When I got down to the street going to the apartment, I was surprised and dismayed that it was flooded huhuhu. I was torn between looking for a street with no floods and just going through that damn flooded street of ours. But looking down further, I saw that other possible streets near our place were also flooded and it’s already 2 AM so I guess it was not safe for me to look further. And so I just went on with my first option. Before passing through, I took off my shoes. Why did I ever do that in the first place? Every time I think of it, I feel stupid for saving my shoes rather than protecting my feet from whatever unseen sharp objects in the street. As I was walking my way to home sweet home, I saw floating garbage and a big rat! Wahahaha. I don’t want to imagine further.

Whew! As I said, that was my first time. Funny thing was, on Friday night, my mom texted me to ask how I was. I said I was fine. There’s flood everywhere but not in our place hahaha. Maybe this is what I get for staying out until the wee hours of the morning wahuhu. But it was Friday night! And I too have a social life ahihi. It’s not bad to have fun with friends, right? Hehehe. The weather was not just cooperative enough wahahaha!

Because of such phobia, I was so lazy to go out gallivanting in the malls this weekend. Ever time I think of the flood, I feel that if go out, I would have to pass through floods again when I get home ahaha. Too bad I have several things lined up that I need to get done this weekend. Good thing there’s until tomorrow to do those because tomorrow’s a holiday! Yippee!!!