It’s really heartbreaking when I hear expectant mothers to suddenly have miscarriages, especially if these are people I know. Early this year, a friend and colleague have gone through a 3rd miscarriage. She was so saddened and depressed by it because she really, really wanted to have a baby. That should have been her 3rd. When she got back from leave, she was able to share the emotional turmoil they have gone through. It breaks my heart because I can feel her pain. And I so wanted them to have babies because I also believe they will be good parents. At this point, I would say, she has recovered and she is now preparing for the tests and necessary medications before getting pregnant again.

A few minutes ago, another friend messaged me. I excitedly asked how she is now that she’s pregnant only to learn from her that she also lost the baby just a few days ago huhu. This should have been their first. She just got out of the hospital. She said she will be monitored until she has her monthly period again. As for the baby, they have not yet received the results of the biopsy so they still don’t know what caused the death.

I feel their pain but I don’t know how to comfort them. The only thing I can do is listen intently to them and silently offer a prayer for their unborn babies (now angels) and for their fast overall recovery.

They are two strong women. I know they can pass this trial.