We have been having a lot of it lately with one of our projects. We were like having long conversations and planning and identifying options for the deployment of an affected tool, only to find out that we don’t need to deploy that tool after all. In today’s deployment, we were practically done at around 8 this morning but the expected results were not reflecting. We were looking for the cause the whole day, only to find out 1.5 hours ago that there are still many servers to check and that’s what the application was updating since this morning! What a waste of our time huhu. Our shift ended at 3 but we were just able to close the deployment at around 6:30 PM.

Anyway, we haven’t received any major issues yet so that’s something to be happy about. We are crossing our fingers that there won’t be any major issues to come.

Good job team! Thanks for all the hard work on this project. (Kahit di nyo nababasa ‘to, magpapasalamat pa rin ako hehe)