It’s been a long time since the last time I reported to work at 6 AM. We have an implementation today which we opted to do early in the morning to avoid too much impact on users. I hope this goes without any problems. Please let it be that way.

It feels good to be starting the day early. It’s just so much of a challenge to wake up early too :p.

On the other side of things, today is Assumption Day, a religious festival that celebrates Mother Mary’s ascent to heaven. When we were in elementary, our school (St. Martin School Assumption Baguio) usually celebrates this occasion. We do it through mass (with choreography) and a short program. The program usually includes skits, games (with prizes for winners 🙂 ) and lunch as a community. Our families are always invited and we usually have pot luck. It was always fun and it was an opportunity for families to bond during those times. Nowadays, I don’t know how they do it in school. I haven’t visited them for a long time now hihi.

Note: Di ako petiks ha :p. Sinulat ko ‘to while waiting for our SA to arrive. Nakasalalay sa kanya deployment namin eh.