Today is pamper my face day. I went to LFI for a pimple treatment type of facial. It was painful huhu. But I just kept on telling myself that the attendant is trying to remove all the dirt that’s stuck on my pores. After the procedure, the attendant showed me the dirt she removed from my face. Iww. She also placed a masked that helped relieve my face from all that poking. Anyway, I was happy with the results. My blackheads are gone. There’s even a free follow up check up after four days. I guess I should be doing this at least once in two months. The last time I had a facial prior today was almost 4 years ago ahay.

Next stop – saloon! Todo na itu! 🙂

In relation to yesterday’s post:

True enough, watching alone is addicting. Earlier today, I was contemplating on watching another movie after my facial haha. I just didn’t find any movie that was worth watching alone so I did not push through hehe.