I saw in the news last week that the law to move all holidays falling on non-Monday weekdays, with the exemption of immovable holidays, to Monday has been approved. This is to allow everyone to have a longer weekend, especially for those who have plans of traveling. Several reactions were received. Some are in favor because it would mean lesser cost for them. What’s important is the essence of what we do to celebrate the holoidays. Others however don’t agree because to them, the essence of the holiday is already lost when celebrated on another day.

My stand? I can’t say yet. At a glance, it’s good because you get to have longer weekends. but based on my personal experience, I’m not yet used to going to work on a day that I know is a holiday (even if I know for a fact that it has just been moved to another day). Maybe because for years now, holidays have been celebrated on the holiday dates and not on another day and I am not used to the movements.

It has its pros and cons. Maybe we should just give it a try.