Yesterday was Jo and Gil’s last day in Sykes huhu. So as a tribute to them, we prepared something for their despidida. We created a video presentation and a scrapbook which contains our messages and some printed pictures. We also treated them to a sumptuous dinner last night. We ordered food from Kowloon. We chose a package with the following: soup, pork mandarin, lumpiang shanghai, chiken, pancit canton, and yang chow rice. We also ordered siomai from Goldilocks, bought some ice cream from The Ice Cream House, and cake from Red Ribbon. Since we didn’t like the conventional messages when someone leaves, our cake message read “Jo & Gil, Sana masaya kayo sa naging desisyon nyo. Luv u! IS APAC” hehe.

After office hours, ICOF girls minus Fides went to Promenade Starbucks for coffee. I’m glad that Jonathan allowed Jo to go home late. It was just a short time to catch up with each other’ lives and jut spend time with one another. When it was time for Jo to go home, we all decided to accompany her home so we can still continue our bonding in the car. With Jo having a family now, any rare bonding moments with her is precious and we have to make the most of it.