Finally I was able to finish watching this series. Yipee! It’s a Korean drama series about family, love, relationships and social status.

The story started with Dada, a school teacher, who let grandpa occupy her supposedly seat in the subway, and later on helping him carry his things. It turns out that grandpa is the retired chairman of his corporation. Because of Dada’s good deed, grandpa decided that this girl is best suited for his grandson Jaey in. That’s where Dada and Jaey in’s (and other family members from both sides) story unfolds.

Here are some of the morals I learned from the series.

Love between family members (whether related by blood or not) is very important in a child’s growth and development. Good moral values are basically learned first in the family. A person showered with love should feel blessed and in most cases, this inspires him/her to also share his/her blessings. Also, no matter what happens, our family is there to readily accept us when things outside our home do not work in our favor.

Money is not the only important thing in this world. With Dada joining the Chairman’s family, she was able to let them realize that no matter how busy they all are, it is still important for them to share a meal together.

Happiness is not brought about by the material things you own. It’s being at peace with yourself and with others, being able to share your blessings with the less fortunate, being able to make friends with people who are not in the same social status where you are, being able to accept your shortcomings and doing something to overcome these, and being able to lower your pride, accept defeat and embrace humility.

Here’s a gist of the Grandpa’s message during his book launch. There’s 1% in us that makes us very unique and special. Let’s focus knowing the 1% in people. It’s a small percentage but this 1% may be something that can change our lives, it may be something that we may learn from, or something that can influence and inspire us to do better.
Overall, it is a feel good series, and it can be a source of inspiration to spread love and share blessings.