Today, I just learned that another colleague is resigning. I’m a bit sad but I cannot also prevent him from going. It was his plan a year ago. He was open about it. He told me about it. It was just so sudden for me. I did not realize that it’s already close to one year when he was first hired. For me, he will be a loss since he has potential. He quickly grasps things and he’s a good listener, willing to learn new things both from colleagues and on his own. Sayang lang talaga. Anyway, he’s already decided about it. He has two offers, one from the former office of a friend and former colleague, and another from a telecom company. I’ll just wish him good luck and God bless.

Another friend and colleague already tendered her resignation. Waaah! She really surprised us, her friends with that. She just told me the day she was planning to submit her resignation letter huhu. She said it’s already time for her to move on since she’s with the company for more than 5 years now. The management gave her a counter offer but she declined because the offer in the other company is more favorable to her considering that she already has a family. Oh well, there’s nothing we can do about it except to pray and wish for her success in her new work.