Here’s what I advised a friend who was newly promoted and in doubt of herself and her abilities to lead that she wanted to back out and go back to her old position. Such lines of thought happen at random and more often than not, I cannot replicate it in the same exact flow if I wanted to so I requested my friend to keep the message until I write it down hehe. (Message modified so as not to use text lingo)

“It’s really either you’ll hate it or love it. Think of it as a blessing so it won’t be a burden to you. Think of it as a challenge so you may find ways to deal with it at the same time improving yourself and discovering other wonderful things about you as a person. Or think of it as your greatest fear that it’s a must for you to conquer. Kaya yan! Believe in yourself, in your judgment, in your instinct. When in doubt, ask Him, ask other reliable people. You have good bosses who are willing to help. Enjoy the climb to the top. 🙂 “

To Anne: Kaya mo yan! Don’t give up. God bless!