Yet again, I was a victim of maling akala. I am going home to Baguio today for the elections tomorrow. Since it’s already Sunday, and it’s election, only a few will be going up to Baguio, so I didn’t see the need for a ticket reservation. I arrived at the terminal at around 12:45AM, aiming for the 1 AM trip. But boy! What a surprise. That trip is full and the next available trip is at 3 AM. A little pissed off but not wanting to be a chance passenger, I just purchased my ticket and prepared myself to wait for 2 hours.

The observant I noticed that some people going up are local tourists. It’s election on Monday and yet some people use the long breaks to go on vacation instead of doing their responsibility and exercising their right to vote. Sad but true.

We always complain that the Philippines is getting worse, that corrupt officials are all over the place but when the right venue is already there for us to make a stand that could change our country, we don’t even care. Voting takes only a small fraction of our time. We don’t need the whole day to write our candidates in the ballot, accomplish some forms and fingerprint and drop our ballot in the ballot box. It may take some effort and careful thinking and judgment for us to decide who to vote but in the end, that will pay off if we made the right decisions.

No one else will help the Philippines soar high but we Filipinos, just a no one else will help ourselves achieve our dreams but us. We cannot rely on other’s donations and financial support. Wake up Pinoys! These so called supports from foreign countries usually have something at stake, something that will also be beneficial to tem. This is not a generalization though. It’s not only my own opinion as well. It’s what analysts say, as seen in some local TV shows and documentaries.

But then again, it’s not yet late. If we start now, Philippines will go a long way. I am very optimistic on that. I hope you are too.