While checking on my blog site a while back, I realized that I am already in my second year of blogging. I first heard about blogging at the Digital Tour show of Studio 23. Blogger was the site they featured. These blog sites allow you to publish your diary online. When I first saw it, I became instantly interested but I was not yet comfortable with the idea that others other than me or some selected people (who are allowed to read my ???journal) will be able to read my journal. I felt at that time that it would be an invasion of privacy. But after a few months, the news about blogging is all around and people are becoming addicted to it. And so on November 7, 2005, I created an account in Blogger.com and started my own blog hehe.

I am not a frequent blogger. There are usually gaps in my posts (I’m talking about months). I only write when the mood strikes me and when there’s something positive and constructive to write about. I promised myself that I’ll never write about negative things but sometimes writing is my only outlet so I still write it but it’s never be published online. There are also times that I have a topic in mind, I have already constructed the first few sentences but I never got to write these thoughts down. Realizing that I’m wasting some ideas, I attempt to write it down but it doesn’t sound as appealing as when I was building up the contents in my mind. Oh well, that’s what I get for being lazy. :p

In the forums, I see topics on blogging. Forum members usually ask about other people’s blogs that are a good read. As I was going over some of the suggested sites, I realized that theirs are way more customized than mine! People who are not even in the IT field but are just interested in the internet and web designing have gone as far as personalizing their sites! Whew! While I, on the other hand, who is in the IT field, is just using the available templates. How pathetic can that be? Hay. But inspired by these people, I decided to do something more for my blog. In the end, it’s mine, it’s my little space in the world wide web.
To start off, I checked out what other stuff can be placed in my site. Advertisements definitely are not an option though. I think these will make my site unorganized and not so personal. I’m glad that I found a blogger forum where I can get information on blog customization. I’m already excited.