I spent this weekend in Baguio and I planned to go back to manila by 3PM thru victory bus after a quick visit to Brennet (Auntie Gina’s niece) at Pines Doctor’s Hospital. Upon arrival at the terminal I was surprised and disappointed because there were many people waiting for their trips. There was a long line for the chance passengers. Boy, I thought it was only on holidays that people that many come up to Baguio? Oh well, maybe these are the people who did not want to go along with most o the crowd last Holy Week. Expecting the worst thing, I still decided to check the available trips at the ticket booth, hoping against hope that there are additional buses and earlier trips. Upon landing on the second floor, I saw the longer line. That’s when I stopped hoping. When I checked on the available trips, the earliest is already 8:20 PM, which is not possible for me since I am meeting my friends in Manila for Tita’s birthday celebration. Lesson 1: Baguio, being the summer capital of the Philippines will always be overflowing with people during peak seasons especially during summer so we should always make bus reservations. After calling Anne and complaining abut my predicament, I hailed another taxi and asked the driver to bring me to the Dagupan Bus terminal. As I was on my way to the ticket booth, I realized I did not have enough cash so I made a detour to the nearest ATM. Heck, I was so sure I would be riding Victory that accepts credit card so I did not bother for additional cash. Lesson 2: It’s still a long ways for the Philippines to becoming a cashless society so have some enough cash always. Anyway, with enough cash, I went back to the ticket booth of Dagupan bus, and was able to buy a ticket for their 4:30 trip to Pasay. Lesson 3: Dagupan bus already has trips to Pasay. That’s good news plus the fact that they have cheaper fare. The last time I rode their bus, their trips are only until Cubao. That settled, I went to Jolibee to grab a bite and blog while waiting for my trip. Go along